We are Canterbury's leading temporary power specialist. We provide a complete temporary power service that takes care of all the steps required to give our customers the power they need.

Our Temporary Power Service

Safepower Services can take care of all your temporary power needs. We work on your behalf to get our temporary power supply installed and livened on your site.

We offer a temporary power supply meter box, which we can lease to you on a six-month or monthly basis. We call this our “lease box”. We install the lease box on your site, and remove it at the end of your lease period.

We also submit the various applications to your local power network (Orion or Mainpower) and to your energy retailer on your behalf. We require their authority to connect and install new meters.

As we are an Orion livening agent we will connect and liven the lease box and install any required meters. This means you do not need to engage anyone else to get temporary power on site.

When you no longer require temporary power we will remove our lease box. We can arrange for the permanent connection to be livened at the same time if you wish. Please see our permanent connection page for further details of the temporary to permanent connection process and the applicable fees.

If you wish to engage Safepower to organise your temporary power supply, please continue on to the next page for further information about our temporary power service.