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What is a Safepower Lease Box?

Our lease box is a temporary power supply meter box that meets all relevant electrical safety standards (AS/NZS3012:2010) for temporary installations on building sites. We can supply single phase and three phase 60 amps lease boxes. All of our lease boxes are installed with meters and have two double socket power outlets rated at 10 amps each. Our standard installation includes up to two metres of trenching within property boundary and 4 metres of 16mm 1CNS mains cable.

If our lease boxes do not match the requirements of your job, please contact us and we can discuss possible modifications to suit.

Please see our standard lease box service fees.

What information do you need?

  • The site address, billing details and your email
  • Your energy retailer account details, including your account number
  • Your electricians’ details including phone number, postal address and email
  • If you have already made an application for a new connection with Orion, please provide us the ES number Orion emailed you. If you have not, we can make the initial application on your behalf
  • The size of the connection required

(a standard single phase 63 amps connection is sufficient for most builds. The house connection may sometimes require a three phase connection. Please consult your electrician if you are unsure)

  • Do you want the lease box livened as a metered temporary or permanent connection?

(Our preferred option is to liven our lease box as a “permanent connection in the temporary position”. When your house is nearing completion we then perform a meter relocation into the permanent meter box. This saves us applying to Orion for the permanent connection at the end of the build which may cause delays. If a new permanent connection is not required at the end of the job a metered temporary connection is the best option)

How long until I have temporary power?

Please apply well in advance of date power is required.

Our lease boxes are usually installed and livened within three weeks of application. This timeframe applies when the job is a build in a new subdivision and there is an Orion distribution box on the properties boundary. However, it is important to remember that we need permission from Orion and your energy retailer before we can liven the new connection which may cause delays.

Orion currently take up to 15 working days to approve an application for a new connection. We then request an ICP (installation control point) and authority from your energy retailer to liven. This usually takes 3 and 5 working days respectively.

The job may also require additional work such as trenching and laying of new mains cable. When the work takes place outside of the properties boundary our trenching subcontractors require CCC authority which can take 2 or more weeks.

Connections from a network pole may also cause delays as Orion may decide the pole is no longer safe and requires replacement. They may also decide to install a new distribution box for your connection.
This is why we recommend you apply as soon as possible especially when your site is in an existing subdivision and requires work to be performed outside the property boundary.

Upon receipt of your application we will complete an initial assessment of your job and get in touch to discuss the requirements of your site and how that may affect the cost and timeframe for temporary power.

Important legal bits

Please see our lease box service fees and the terms and conditions of the lease. We take your privacy seriously. See our privacy policy for details.