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Meter Relocations

If you have one of our Lease Boxes installed on your site and are ready to shift the meter into the permanent box on side of the house/garage please fill out and submit our meter relocation application form.

Please be aware that it is a mandatory requirement for our inspectors to have a copy of your electricians Certificate of Compliance (COC) for electrical work completed in the house as a well as a COC for the service mains cable install. If our inspectors have not received a copy of the COCs or there are none on site when it is booked in for the meter relocation you will be charged an $85 site visit fee.

We recommend that your electrician performs the break out of the mains cable into the Distribution Box (where possible) and Permanent Meter Box before we attend site as you will be charged if our inspector has to do this.

We would also recommend that when you lay the service mains cable from the foundations of the house, it is trenched into the Distribution Box if one is available on your properties boundary. If it is only laid to the base of our Lease Box we will have to join it onto the existing mains cable and there will be an additional thru-joint fee charged for this work.

If we livened the Lease Box on site as a metered temporary supply the process to get authority to relocate the meter into the permanent position will be more involved as we will need to obtain Orion’s Approval. If our Lease Box was livened as a permanent connection we recommend applying for the meter relocation at least three weeks in advance to avoid possible delays.

If the Lease Box was livened as a metered temporary connection we recommend you allow more time for the permanent connection to be approved and for trenching and other potential work outside the properties boundary to be completed.

If you have any questions please contact us with us and we will be happy to help.

Please see the terms and conditions of our meter relocation request and our meter relocation service fees. We respect our customers’ privacy. Please see our privacy policy for further details of how we manage your personal information.

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