Temporary Power Lease Box Terms & Conditions

  1. The Agreement
    1.1 You (the Customer) agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of this Agreement to rent our Lease Box.
    1.2 This Agreement comes into effect following completion of our online application form and full payment of set-up fees.
  2. Charges and Fees
    2.1 Please see our Lease Box Service Fees.
    2.2 All prices are exclusive of GST. Installs and site visits outside of Christchurch City will incur a rural call-out fee of $1.20 per kilometre (e.g. Rolleston, Lincoln, West Melton).
    2.3 Set-up fees must be paid prior to Lease Box install. Set-up fees include the install and removal fee, inspection and livening of the connection charge, the administration fee and at least one month’s rental in advance.
    2.4 Six month rentals qualify for a discounted rental fee of $400 if paid at the same time as set-up costs. The six month rental period begins following installation and livening of the Lease Box. The Customer will not be reimbursed if duration of Lease Box rental is less than the six calendar months requested. If the Customer still requires the Lease Box after the six month rental period ends the Customer will be charged the monthly rate or the Customer can choose to pay for another six months in advance.
    2.5 If the monthly rental rate applies the first month’s fee must be paid at the same time as the set-up costs. The minimum rental period is one month. The Customer will be invoiced the monthly rental fee on the same date of the following calendar month of the initial invoice. This invoice will recur every month for the duration of the customers’ rental period.
    2.6 The monthly rental period begins following installation and livening of the Lease Box and ends on the same date of the following calendar month. The Customer will pay each month’s rent in advance and will not be reimbursed for part-month use.
    2.7 We are required by AS/NZS 3012:2010 3.4.2 to complete a Certificate of Verification of the Lease Box installation every six months following installation and livening. This is to verify the operational safety of the Lease Box installation on your site. The Customer will be charged $125 for each certification of the Lease Box installation.
    2.8 The Customer will be charged a site visit fee of $85 if we are required to attend the installation site for any reason outside the scope of our standard Lease Box installation process. The fee will be waived where site visit is due to improper installation or operation of our Lease Box, and the Customer is not responsible for the fault.
    2.9 Payment must be received within seven working days of date of invoice.
    2.10 If you fail to meet your monthly rental charges or any other payments due, Safepower Services reserves the right to remove its Lease Box from site. Such action is at the sole discretion of Safepower Services.
  3. Standard Installation
    3.1 If the network connection point is outside the sites boundary the Customer must ensure network mains cable is laid from the connection point to the property boundary. If additional mains cable is required to install our Lease Box we will extend the service mains to the required length by performing a thru-joint. The standard cost for this is $300. We will contact the Customer for approval to proceed if a thru-joint is required.
    3.2 The standard Lease Box installation includes erecting the Lease Box on a post up to two metres inside property boundary. The service mains will be laid in a trench 600mm deep from point of entry. Standard installation includes 4 metres of service mains cable. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure site is clear to allow installation of Lease Box.
    3.3 If the Customer foresees that our standard install is not suitable for their site, they will need to contact us and arrange alternative installation and costing prior to us engaging in any work on their behalf.
    3.4 The Customer will need to have authority to connect to the Orion network. Once the Customer has made the initial application to the Orion Network website they can provide us with the ES number and fill in the required information on our application sheet and we will progress the application on their behalf. The Customer is solely responsible for paying all Orion Network connection fees.
    3.5 It is the Customer’s responsibility to set up an account for the Lease Box connection with the energy retailer of their choice. The Customer is solely responsible for payment of all fees charged by their energy retailer.
    3.6 Once we have received payment of initial set-up costs as well as authority from Orion and the Customer’s energy retailer to liven the connection, we will then schedule installation and livening of the Lease Box with the Customer. Please note that while every effort will be made to ensure the lease box is installed and livened on the dates requested, we cannot guarantee the job will be completed in the estimated time frame. We will keep the Customer informed if there are any changes to the schedule.
    3.7 If we attend the Customers site on the agreed dates and site is not ready for installation or livening, the Customer will be charged a site visit fee.
    3.8 When our inspector livens the Lease Box he will lock the lid, preventing unauthorised access, as it is a potential hazard. If the project manager is on-site a key will be given to them at that time. If not, Safepower Services will contact the Customer advising Lease Box is now live and that the PM can arrange to collect a key from us.
  4. Correct operation of Lease Box
    4.1 The Customers must follow all operational instructions provided by Safepower Services.
    4.2 The Customer must check that the Residual-Current Devices (RCDs) are correctly functioning every week. To perform this test the Customer most unlock and open the lid. Then the Customer pushes the yellow test button on the RCDs labelled “EARTH PROTECTION”. The grey switches on each RCD should immediately flick down. If the test is successful the RCD switches can be turned on and after securing the lid the Customer can operate the Lease Box as per normal. If the test switch fails to trip the RCD the Customer must turn the mains switch off and contact Safepower Services immediately. The Customer must ensure the Lease Box is not used until Safepower advises otherwise.
    4.3 Ensure the outlets are switched off when inserting and removing equipment. Do not use equipment rated above 10 amps in any socket.
    4.4 If your appliances stop working when plugged into the temporary lease box turn all RCD and mains switch into the off position, wait one minute and turn them back on. If there is still no power disconnect your equipment from the lease box and try powering other appliances to see if there is a fault in an appliance. Faulty equipment will cause the RCD to trip. If after following these instructions you are still not able to power your equipment please phone Safepower Services 03 343 3814. If our equipment has failed we will replace or repair it, at our cost, provided it is not caused by damage or misuse incurred at your site.
    4.5 The Customer must ensure the Lease Box lid is closed and secure on site. The Customer will be provided a key to unlock the lid to access the mains switch and RCDs. The Customer will be charged a replacement fee of $15 if key is lost.
    4.6 Customer is responsible for any damage or loss incurred to the Lease Box while installed on their site and will be charged the full cost of repair or replacement.
    4.7 If the Customer fails to follow the operating instructions Safepower Services reserves the right to remove its Lease Box from site. Such action is at the sole discretion of Safepower Services.