Standard Installation Fees

Safepower Lease Box rental $90 per month (paid one month in advance)
OR $400 six months (to be paid in full with initial payment)
Safepower Lease Box standard install & removal $350 per Lease Box (includes 4m 16mm 1CNS mains cable and 2m trenching in property boundary)
Inspection & livening $200 per inspection
Certificate of Verification of Lease Box installation $125 per Lease Box (Certification required every six months following livening)
Administration fee $100


Additional Fees

Rural call-out fee $1.20 per km (e.g. Rolleston, Lincoln, West Melton).

Site visit fee $85 (If required to scope work required on site or if required for any reason outside of our standard install process) The fee will be waived where site visit is due to improper installation or operation of our Lease Box, and the Customer is not responsible for the fault.

Lease Box key replacement fee $15

Thru-joint $300 may be required where Orion Network connection point is not on site’s boundary. This procedure joins two separate service mains cable together.

If Lease Box damaged or lost on site customer will be charged cost of repair or replacement. The replacement cost for a single phase 60 amps Lease Box is $790.

Customer will be charged additional labour and material costs if lease box installation requires more than four metres of service mains cable and/or the lease box service mains trench is longer than two metres.

Customer must ensure service mains cable is at boundary. If the site is a rear property or was previously connected overhead from a pole additional work may be required to trench mains cable into site. Safepower Services will discuss options and pricing with the Customer.

Customer is responsible for creating an account with their chosen energy retailer and payment of all energy retailer fees.

* All charges and fees are exclusive of GST